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                                           Latest results from MCF League  Div D on 13Feb19
                                            Denton       '2'         1.5        3.5           Heywood     5

                                                              Stan Bradley v Tarini Jayawarna - 0 - 1

                                                                Dave Cook v Derek Marsden - 0.5 - 0.5

                                                            Peter Shaw v Thisumi Jayawarna - 0 - 1

                                                        Stewart McIlvena v James Wildsmith - 0 - 1

                                                                           H loftus v Pauly Knight - 1 - 0


In order of finishing.

Pauly - Lost - made a few small errors but will learn from the game.

Derek - Great draw - on board 2 - this set us on our way

James - Won - Played the end game like a Pro - well done

Thisumi - Won - Got a slight advantage and held it well until getting a well deserved victory - Excellent result

Tarini - Won - No time trouble tonight - out fought her opponent and getting them in time trouble whilst having an advantage - Well done

 Vic Pelling

                            Latest results from Bury & Rochdale League  Div B on 13Feb19
                                 Heywood          'C'       2.5          1.5      Heywood        'B'

                                      Southby, Mark                      ½                 ½          Jinks, Anthony
                                    Pickersgill, John                     0                   1          Hurn, Peter
                                  Greenhalgh, Ross                    1                   0          Josh Woodbridge
                                     Ronnie Power                       1                    0          Mike Woodbridge


A close game considering both teams started with just 2 players each! I manged to draft in the Woodbridges for the B team and Ross and Ronnie for the C team. Ross finished first with a fine win, this was quickly followed by Ronnie Powers win on the
bottom board. My game v John was very close, I opened up with 2 pawns down! But then managed to get the exchange up and both pawns back. John had a serious mate threat and was just one move away from mating me, it was very tight but when I managed to steal one of his bishops he had no way out so resigned. The top board was a close tussle both players Queened pawns in an exciting end game but with only seconds on each clock the game was agreed a draw, Tony's flag did fall but Mark sportingly offered the draw!

Pete Hurn

                                       Latest results from MCF League  Div B on 13Feb19
                                            Heywood     '2'        1         6         Great Lever
                                               William O'Rourke       0            1           Mike J Surtees
                                                         John Addison            0            1           Peter J Kobryn
                                                        Dave S Almond        1/2          1/2         Chris Jardine
                                                      Steven M Flaherty       0             1           Michael I Connor
                                                      Steve Hutchinson        0             1           Jon I Lonsdale
                                                          Con Carey             1/2           1/2         Michael Carroll
                                                        Steven Mason           0              1          Francis E Moan     
A mismatch as we were outgraded on all boards well done Con and Dave getting draws.
  Latest results from Bury & Rochdale League  Div B on 06Feb19
                                          Heywood          'C'       1.5          2.5      Tameside        'B'
                                                Marsden, Derek                ½             ½            Pelling, Kyle
                                               Wildsmith, James               0              1        Benhamida, Mohammed
                                              Crompton, T John               0              1             Knight, Pauly
                                               Pickersgill, John                 1              0           Benhamida, Jude
On Wed 6th Feb Heywood C team came up against the youthful but well drilled Tameside B team. John Crompton with black on table 3 played against Pauly’s London System and despite managing a strong defence finally succumbed to a passed pawn and combined Queen/Rook attack. On table 2 James Wildsmith playing black renewed his previous match against Mohammed and once again they had a close match. Unfortunately James lost after a too and fro tussle leaving things looking bleak at 0-2. John Pickersgill on table 4 played a London System opening with white against Jude with John managing to take a couple of pawns around move 19 and then swapping off pieces to bring about a close end game. John finally managed to break down Jude’s defences after promoting a pawn so at 1-2 It was all down to the result on table 1 where Derek Marsden was playing Kyle. Derek playing white was down a major piece around move 15 but Kyle was running short of time. With Kyle putting on the pressure Derek made a brave Rook sacrifice to open up Kyle’s defences and then took the initiative with several checks using his rampant Queen. With Kyle down to his last few minutes he could not afford to spend too much time thinking about his moves but despite sustained pressure from Derek Kyle managed to force a draw with only 17s remaining on his clock. The crowd that had gathered to watch the end game seemed to appreciate the tussle and came away with their own versions of ‘if only he had done…’ . Tameside won the match 2.5 to 1.5 but it was a close run thing and maybe the result will be different next time.
John Pickersgill
Latest results from MCF League  Div A on 06Feb19
                                            Heywood     '1'        5         2         Chorlton     '1'            
                                                        D Brett Lund            1/2          1/2             Paul Macklin
                                                  Nugith Jayawarna           1             0               Hope Mkhumba
                                                     Martyn Hamer             1/2          1/2             Piotr Niedbal
                                                       Scott Riley                  0             1               Daniel T Lee
                                                     Carl Tillotson                1              0              Ron A Doney
                                                  William O'Rourke            1              0              Chris Vassiliou
                                                 James Carrington            1              0              Stan Foulkes
A close match that puts Heywood joint 2nd in the A division.
  Latest results from Bury & Rochdale League  Div B on 04Feb19
                                      Blue Club        'C'       3          1      Heywood       'B'    

                                                 Espiritu, Marlon             1             0         Almond, Dave S
                                                Jerzynek, Nei                 ½             ½       Carey, Con
                                                   Wilson, Jeff                 ½             ½       Jinks, Anthony
                                                  Czyrski, Paul H            1              0        Chapman, Jason

Close match?