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Latest Result from the Summer League 31Jul19

  Heywood      2         2     Worsley
 Bill O'Rourke    0   1  Victor Nagy
 John Addison   1   0  Matthew B Pollard 
 Steve Flaherty    0    1  Damien McElvenny 
 James Wildsmith    1   0  Arpad Busznyak

James continued his recent run of good form with another victory. He obtained two bishops for two knights in the early middle games, which he converted into a rook endgame two pawns up, before forcing his opponent's resignation. Bill was in trouble in the middle game, gave up a piece for some counterplay, but resourceful play from his opponent meant that his material superiority was too much. Steve won a pawn, then another one, but went wrong in time trouble at the end of the game. Two one down, my game proved decisive. I was in some difficulty in the early middle game and looking likely to lose a vital pawn, but an incautious move by my opponent allowed a tactical resource that turned the tables. With bishop, knight and pawn for a rook, with active versus passive pieces, and with Black's king cut off from the man action, even without best play my position was always winning, and so it proved. A good draw against a strong Worsley team.


Latest Result from the Summer League 16Jul19

  Chorlton 4      1.5          2.5     Heywood 
 Connor Hicks   0   1  Dave Almond 
 Joel Prittie  0.5  0.5  John Addison
 Tony Fagan   1    0  Tarini Jayawarna 
 David Hynes   0   1  James Wildsmith


James seemed to get the upper hand over his opponent early on, and won quite quickly. Dave established early pressure which he was able to turn into a material advantage of two Knights and a pawn against a Rook, before his opponent trapped his own Rook and resigned. From a stodgy Caro Kann I ended up in a King and pawn ending. If I went for the win I worked out that my opponent would Queen a move before me, and assumed that if not winning for him, then he'd at least be better, so I bailed out for a draw which made the match win safe. In the event I was wrong, and I'd have been the one with excellent winning chances. Meanwhile, Tarini, who was pressing for checkmate in her game, sacrificed a Rook, but had missed resources for her opponent which enabled him to stave off the attack and emerge with a winning position. Congratulations to Chorlton who were outgraded heavily on all boards, but played very well.

John Addison



Latest Result from the Summer League 26Jun19


  Heywood        2.5          1.5     Northenden
 Dave Almond   0   1  V. Kumar 
 John Addison  0.5  0.5  K. Khokhar
 James Wildsmith   1    0  J. Kelly
 A. Soyoye   1   0  L. Taylor

A good win for us.