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MCF  League Division D 12Feb20


Heywood D 4    1 3C's  D
Akin Soyoye  1 0 Ben Newton 
 Steve Mason 1 0 Everson Correa 
 Thisumi Jayawarna 0 1 Hunain Malik 
 Peter Hurn 1 0  John Walton
 Derek Marsden 1 0 Rebecca Correa 


A good result for us and we had a strong team. Akin was last to arrive 15 mins late and first to finish he beat his junior opponent quickly winning his queen for a couple of minor pieces and the rest was history. Steve Mason finished next getting the better of his opponent, Derek was next to win his junior opponent gave away a piece and the end was enevitable. Thisumi played a great game on board 3 but being very short on time she made a mistake and her opponent took advantage and eventually won. Mine was the last to finish again, my position wasn't very good until I managed to win his bishop for 2 pawns, but the game looked very drawish, until I managed to break through on the King side and the end game was my knight and 4 pawns v his 4 pawns, which I quickly gobbled up and then he finally resigned with mate 2 moves away. 

Pete Hurn



MCF League Division A 12Feb20


Heywood 1 5    2 Great Lever 1
Nugith Jayawarna  1 0 Mike Surtees 
 Martyn Hamer 0.5 0.5  Peter Mulleady
Bill O'Rourke  1 0 Peter Kobryn 
 Kyle Pelling 0 1 Jon Lonsdale 
 Gareth Ellis 0.5 0.5 Chris Jardine 
 Dave Almond 1 0 Michael Connor 
 Steve Flaherty 1 0  Michael Carroll


A good win to say some of our top players were absent.



ECF County Match  02Feb20

Yorkshire 3.5    8.5 Lancashire
 Owen Robson 0 1  Gary McMenamen
 Vivien Webster 0 1  Gareth Ellis
 Bruce Oliver 0 1  John Addison
 Alec Grice 0 1 Dave Innes 
 Neville Pearce 0 1 Dave Almond 
David Mills 0.5   0.5 Robert Hart
  Stephen Lee  1  0 Dave Tuke 
 Chinmayee Sai Kumaar 0.5 0.5 Bob Morris 
 Ian Stickland 0.5 0.5 Ben O'Rourke 
 Collin Weller 0.5  0.5 Steve Flaherty 
 Norman Andrews 0.5 0.5 Peter Logan 
 Graham Matthews 0 1 Andre Coltman 


After my pre -match pep talk , about our tendency to take early draws , the reason we lost to Cumbria in the last round .And the fact that it  imperative that we beat Yorkshire or we are eliminated from the comp ,

Well you certainly delivered the goods , a resounding win 3-5 to 8 -5 for us , puts at the top of the league and !st nominee  , which gives us an easier way into the final stages ,probably w/e 16 th or 17th of May 
I was deeply involved in my game , (and sucking a Jakemans cough lozenge ,(sugar for the brain )
.when some one either Pete Dickinson or John addison whispered that we was 6 up , I bit into my jakemans and broke a tooth ,now going to have to break into my meagre pension pot to pay a dentist !
I'm away !st -15th  MAY on a cruise , so will need to know for now your probability of playing , its a 16 boarder then so will need some extra men .(Or women )
Appreciations must go out especially to :-
1 Danny for playing top board only 133 but Jan grade 161
2 Pete Dickinson for  hisassistance.Taking the pressure of me , so I could concentrate on my game
3  Dave Innes for dragging himself from his sick bed.
4 Dave Tuke , played on right to the wire ,but lost in a winning position due to forgetting to press his clock , I reminded him but it was too late , lost too much time
5 Steve Flaherty , whose done more than his fair share of driving , Who due to me navigational skills , acquired in HM forces got him lost ( It was different in the desert)
6 Ben O'Rourke ,  first to draw , who took a draw after the score was 6-0 but had the decency to ask me .
7 The real star of the show must be the man who didn't play ,Pete Dickinson .
Dave Innes went sick and Pete got me a replacement at short notice ( Pete Logan thanks Peter)
then dragged Dave Innes  out of his bed drove them both to Bradford , gave up his seat to Dave ( a higher graded player ) at his suggestion ! ,. then did the match card scoring .
Thanks Pete , hope you can play in the next round and I'll build my team around you .
please see the attachment bottom page 
 God save the King
Dave almond
a broken man (tooth that is )



MCF League Division B 05Feb20


Heywood 2 3    4 Urmston 1
Bill O'Rourke  0 1  Dennis Owen
 Kyle Pelling 1 0 Sajjad Dehghan-Afifi 
 Gareth Ellis 0.5 0.5  Jordi Bitlloch
Dave Almond  0 1  Mark E Whalley
Tarini Jayawarna  0 1  Grant Randall
 Steve Flaherty 1 0 Dave Bellis 
Con Carey  0.5 0.5  Tim Plunkett


Heywood's Manchester League 2nd team lost their unbeaten record on Wednesday when bottom of the table Urmston pulled off a shock 4-3 win. On paper we slightly out graded them but on the night Urmston prove to be the better team. It was 2 and half hours before the first result came in when captain Steve Flaherty came in with a win on Board 6. This was soon cancelled out when one of our youngsters Tarini Jayawarna lost her game. Our Board 1, Bill O'Rourke, was up against a slightly better graded player, Dennis Owen, who got a good attack going and made it 2-1 for Urmston. Our Board 7, Con Carey offered a draw in a slightly better position and then the usually reliable Dave Almond came unstuck against Mark Whalley. That meant we had to win the last two games to draw the match. Our promising junior Kyle Pelling used his time well  and beat his opponent which left Gareth Ellis to some how get a win. He did remarkably well to salvage a draw from a lost position as his opponent knew exactly what result would win the match for Urmston.
We remain top of the table at the half way stage but will need to get some of our higher graded players out if we are to get promotion to the elite Division A next year.

Steve Flaherty   



Bury & Rochdale League Division B 05Feb20


Heywood B 1    3 Bury
 Lucas Stubbs 1 0 John Grindrod 
 Josh Woodbridge 0 1 John Briggs 
 Malachy Fielding 0 1 Jeremy Peach 
 Conrad Fielding 0 1  Brian Forrest


A great win for Lucas v a 130 graded player!! Josh pllayed well and was unlucky to lose.



CLL  League Division B 30Jan20


Great Lever  B 0.5    4.5 Heywood B
 John Lonsdale 0 1  Kyle Pelling
 Michael Carroll 0 1 Gareth Ellis 
Andrys Milan  0 1  Ian Mitchell
Parshottambhi Patel  0 1  Akin Soyoye
 Tony Byrne 0.5 0.5 Steve Mason 


Ian Mitchell was first to finish, he lost a piece early but then outplayed his opponent, got a piece back then a piece up - the rest is history as they say.
Akin turned up late as he usually does and won again as he usually does, he was a pawn up early but again outplayed his opponent.
Steve Mason was next to finish and as we were 2-0 up he accepted a draw thus meaning we would at least tie the match and be at least equal top.
Gareth steadily outplayed his opponent, first getting a pawn up then securing another pawn. His advantage and superiority told and he won relatively comfortably.
Last to finish (again) was Kyle, he had a tough match against a 158 rated opponent. There didn't seem to be a lot happening, Queens were swapped early and then most matches were finished - Kyles game had hardly started (but there was a really complicated structured board). Steve Mason advised me Kyle was in a really good position and his opponent was struggling (I couldn't see it). The next time I looked Kyle was a couple of pawns down but I could now see he was in a strong position. He eventually got into a forced win with check mate in every situation. Quite impressive when he went through his game when we got home.
A great win - top of the table - 5 more wins and we win the League!!
Vic Pelling

ELL  League Division 2 30Jan20


Crusaders  C 2    3 Heywood A
Paul Morgan  0 1 Dave Almond 
 Regan Topham 0 1 Steve Flaherty 
 Shaun Tumelty 0.5 0.5 Con Carey 
 Martin Regan 1 0 Peter Hurn 
 Asad Syed 0.5 0.5 John Pickersgill 


Well I must admit you had me worried last night ( " he with little faith " ) , however in the end a terrific performance , thanks all for playing .
Board 1 , After a neat trick , I managed to win a piece and then another   5 move combination involving a Queen sacrifice followed by a knight fork to win it back again , I managed to swap off and convert to a winning endgame.
board 2 , Steve looked like he was on the back foot at one stage ,but experience in the end won .
His opponent had to face a Flaherty pawn storm , on the king side , all passers .it was like watching  the Zulu Dawn film.well played Steve , you won us the match !
Board 3 Con , it looked to me a few times that he was losing , but again  "old contemptible " managed a draw .against a wily old opponent .Well played !
Board 4 . Peter  , blundered a piece early on when he was winning  , had a terrific fight back but in the end material overcame him .Unlucky !
Board 5 , John P , after having a rally good game 2 Knight up in a winning Endgame , managed to blunder both of them one after another , facing a completely lost game  , his opponent had a passed pawn on the 7th rank protected by king and Rook,  "Houdini " managed a draw .Well plaed John , Like being in the  'Great escape film ' without a shovel. Well played you saved us the match. This put Heywood A 2nd in Division 2 with 2 games in hand.
Dave Almond


MCF  League Division E 29Jan20


Heywood 5 0    5 Eccles 2
James Wildsmith  0 1 Batibileg Chagdarsuran 
John Pickersgill  0 1 Jules Irenge 
Mike Woodbridge  0 1 Lawrence Harold 
 Josh Woodbridge 0 1 Darrell Lindsay 
 Sean Woodbridge 0 1 Chris Lysons 


A very strong team from Eccles.



 MCF League Division C  29Jan20


Ashton 1 5    2 Heywood 3
Anthony R Entwistle  1 0 Kyle Pelling 
Tim Chatys  0.5 0.5  Steve Flaherty
 Grzegorz Chatys 1 0  Tony Jinks
 Denzel Supatan 0 1 Akin Soyoye 
Colin Friar  0.5 0.5 Peter Hurn 
 Phillip Shaughnessy 1 0 Vic Pelling 
 Jack Munday 1 0 DeFault 


We started the game with only 6 players and they were very strong, Tony finished first getting in a muddle and losing, Akin came 45 mins late but won his game quickly being a piece up in the end game. Kyle was beaten on top board surprisingly, Steve got a well earned draw on board 2. My game was vey up and down my King was stuck in the middle nnd he had a lot of pressure down the centre, but I just managed to hold on and aftter he offered the draw I almost snatched his hand off. The last game was our own Vic Pelling who filled in at the last minute, He played a very good game and should have had a draw but just lost his head in the end game. So 5 -2 down but they were very strong.

Pete Hurn


CLL League Division A 29Jan20


Preston A 3.5    1.5 Heywood A
Malcolm Peacock 1 0 Philip Armstrong 
Phillip Taylor  0 1 Matthew Searles 
 Conor Reaney 1 0 James Carrington 
 Graham Ashcroft 0.5 0.5  Williiam O'Rourke
 Carl Tillotson 1 0 Dave Almond 


We lost to a very strong team.


East Lanc's League Division 2  28Jan20


Clitheroe B 1    4 Heywood B
Keith Melling  1 0 Default 
 Eric Mansfield 0 1 Ian Mitchell 
 Ray Sutcliffe 0 1 Derek Marsden 
 Janis Abols 0 1 Peter Hurn 
Karl Barnsley  0 1 John T Crompton 


A good win for us after a nightmare of a journey, we were All late and Mark Southby could not make it at the last minute. So default on top board, John finished first pressurising his opponent and eventually winning. Ian was next to finish his opponent blundered a rook away and soon resigned. My game was a tussle my King was stranded in the centre of the board and doubled b pawns. We were down to Queen and Rook plus 5 pawns but my pieces were working together and I managed to get my e pawn in the attack as well,so he resigned. Derek who arrived 25 mins late was winning his game then he blundered his knight in the end game but then his opponent blundered his rook and so resigned. We are now top of Div 2!

Pete Hurn


Bury & Rochdale League Division B 27Jan20


Tameside  B 2    2 Heywood B
 Kyle Pelling 1 0 Peter Hurn 
Vic Pelling  0 1 John T Crompton 
Jordan Quinn  1 0 Lucas Stubbs 
Alfie Butterworth  0 1 John Pickersgill 


Lucas finished quickly but could not beat his opponent, captain John finished next after overcoming the junior he was against. My game v Kyle was looking quite even until I lost a pawn then a minor piece then another one trying to save the mate threat and then it was all over with another mate threat that I could not avoid. John was last to finish against new-comer Vic the game swung one way then the other and finally John just managed to get a supported passed pawn and the game was soon over. So 2 – 2 not a bad draw for us.

Pete Hurn


East Lanc's  League Division 2  23Jan20


Crusaders  C 0    5 Heywood B
Martin Regan  0 1 Tony Jinks 
 Dominic Drag 0 1 James Wildsmith 
Robert Grounds  0 1 Ian Mitchell 
 William Jones 0 1 Peter Hurn 
Liam Hickey  0 1  John T Crompton


My game was first to finish my opponent got himself in all sorts of problems and I was looking to fork his Queen, Rook and King but he gave his King no escape square so it was mate at move 15. John was next to finish his opponent gave him a queen and was soon mated. James promoted to board 2 won next getting the exchange up and eventually a whole rook up and was too strong for his opponent winning quickly. Captain Ian Mitchell finished next always in control of his match he was too strong for his opponent. Tony won his game in a very close end game, and so we won 5 – 0 and now back at the top of the league!!

Pete Hurn


East Lanc's  League Division 2  22Jan20


Heywood  A 4.5    0.5 Rossendale  B
John Addison  0.5 0.5  Peter Barlass
 Dave Almond 1 0 Ray Rushworth 
 Steve Mason 1 0 Brian Bancroft 
 Derek Marsden 1 0  Sam Walmsley
Peter Hurn  1 0  Sergej Voroncov


My game was first to finish and after being even on material my opponent failed to see that his Queen was pinned to his King and so lost 2 minor pieces for his queen, he played on and was eventually mated. Derek had a tussle with his opponent but eventually wore him down and won quickly. Dave was in control of his game and won easily. Steve Mason had a good game against his opponent and eventually beat him. John on top board played really well and got a well-earned draw. This result puts us top of the league just above our B team.

Pete Hurn



Bury & Rochdale League Division B 22Jan20


Heywood B 2    2 Heywood C
Lucas Stubbs  1 0 Rohan Muthu 
 Malachy Fielding 0 1 Josh Woodbridge 
Conrad Fielding  1 0  Shaun Woodbridge
 De Fault 0 1 Michael Woodbridge 


A game for the juniors of the club we put together all that turned up on the night!



Central Lanc's League Division A 21Jan20


Great Lever  A 3    2 Heywood A
 Mike Surtees 0.5 0.5 Philip Armstrong 
Nicholas Barnaby  0.5 0.5 Matthew Searles 
Peter Kobryn  1 0 James Carrington 
John Lonsdale  0.5 0.5  Bill O'Rourke
 Chris Jardine 0.5 0.5 Dave Almond 


A close match with a strong team.



Manchester Chess Federation Division D 20Jan20


Worsley   '2' 3.5    1.5 Heywood '4'
 Damien McElvenny 1 0 Akin Soyoye 
Francis E Moan  1 0 Ian Mitchell 
Lanre Bammeke  1 0  Steve Mason
Carl Royle  0 1  Derek Marsden
 Dave McIntyre 0.5 0.5  Dave Thorp


We were beaten here by a very strong team. Thanks all for playing especially Akin who filled in for me on the day as I was very unwell..

Pete Hurn



East Lanc's League Division 2 15Jan20


Heywood  B 2.5    2.5 Rossendale  B
Tony Jinks  0.5 0.5 Ray Rushworth 
 James Wildsmith 1 0 Sam Walmsley 
 Peter Hurn 0 1 Brian Bancroft 
 Lucas Stubbs 0 1 Paul Martin 
 John Pickersgill 1 0  Owen Judge


A close match Lucas was first to finish moving really too quickly and gave away material easily and so resigned. In my game I made a total blunder after being over 5 pts ahead, one move put me in trouble with mate to follow closely. James was next to finish and win again going 2 pawns up in the end game. John had a great game on board 5 and managed to beat his opponent in the end game. The top board was a very close game equal material and no way through for the Kings and so a draw was finally agreed. Good result many thanks to John for filling in at the last minute.

Peter Hurn


Manchester Chess Federation  League Division A 15Jan20


Heywood 1 3.5    3.5 Bolton  2
 Martyn Hamer 0.5 0.5 Lorand Sakic 
Peter Jowett  1 0  Adam Tyton
 James Carrington 0 1  Harry Lamb
 Bill O'Rourke 1 0  Allan Gardner
 Dave Almond 0 1  Paul Doherty
Kyle Pelling  1 0  Ian D Lamb
 Ian Mitchell 0 1  Julian C Clissold


A good draw against a strong team.


Bury & Rochdale League Division B 13Jan20


Blue Club C 1    3 Heywood C
Adam Jennings  0 1 Derek Marsden 
Bernard Dean  0 1 James Wildsmith 
Callum Oliver  0 1  Peter Hurn
Josh Hardy  1 0  Josh Woodbridge


This was a closer match than the result suggests, Josh was first to finish being well on top in his game but overlooked a clever queen move and was just beaten in the end. James finished next and again was several pawns up in the end game and so his opponent resigned. Mine was a close game I was on top being 2 pawns up but my opponent got me in a sticky position and I almost lost, but played on and eventually wore my opponent down. Derek was level on material on the top board but his opponent allowed a queen/King fork with his knight and so his opponent resigned. Good win for the C team in particular well done to Derek who suffered acute stomach pains all night, won his game and drove us to and from the venue. Also many thanks to James’s dad for bringing him.

Pete Hurn


East Lancs League Division 2 08Jan20


Heywood A 3.5    0.5 Burnley C
John Addison  0.5 0.5 Peter Logan 
 Dave Almond 1 0 Robert Catlow 
 James Wildsmith 1 0 Yousaf Ahmed 
 Lucas Stubbs 0 1  Davaa Otgonbayar
 John Pickersgill 1 0 De Fault 


A good win for us puts us 2nd in the league with a game in hand.


MCF  League Division C 08Jan20


Heywood 3 7    0 Chorlton  3
 Kyle Pelling 1 0 De Fault
Con Carey  1 0 De Fault 
 Tony Jinks 1 0 De Fault
Ian Mitchell 1   0 De Fault
Steve Mason 1   0 De Fault
Derek Marsden  1 0 De Fault 
 Pete Hurn 1 0 De Fault


Game was claimed by default as Chorlton didn't turn up or make any contact with us?


Bury & Rochdale League Division A 06Jan20


Blue Club  B 3    1 Heywood A
 Tim Hilton 1 0 Bill O'Rourke 
 Armand Catz 1 0 Gareth Ellis 
 Marlon Espiritu 1 0 Dave Almond 
 Adam Jennings 0 1 Steve Flaherty 


Beaten by a strong team from Blue Club.


East Lancs League Division 2 02Jan20

Burnley  C 1    4 Heywood B
Peter Logan 0 1  Dave Almond
Rob Catlow 1 0 Ian Mitchell
Davaa Otgonbayaa 0 1 Tony Jinks
Yousaf Ahmed 0 1 James Wildsmith
Brian Tattersall 0 1 Peter Hurn


James was first to finish he managed to get a few pawns up and after swapping off all the pieces with a 3 or 4 passed pawns one of which queened very quickly. Tony finished his game next managing to skewer his opponents Queen through a discovered check. Ian was having a tussle but the exchange down and eventually lost. Dave on top board played his usual b3 opening and chalked up another win with it. My game was last to finish I was on top and missed an early move to win but after swapping off most of the bits I managed to fork his 2 rooks with my knight and eventually won with my superior pawns. So 4 – 1 and this puts the B team top of the division!



Latest Result from B&R  Div B  16Dec19


   Blue Club C      2   3    Heywood B 
 Jeff Wilson 0.5      0.5  Tony Jinks
 Brian Parkin 0.5   0.5 Peter Hurn
 Josh Hardy  0    1  John T Crompton 
 De Fault  0  1  John Pickersgill 


John was first to finish after getting both his opponents rooks for minor pieces and mate followed shortly after. My game was looking like a draw with even pawns and pieces but I struggled on and after all pieces were off I agreed the draw. Tony had a good tussle on board 1 and he too accepted the draw offer with even pawns and pieces. They could not produce a board 4 player so we won on default, a good win that puts us 2nd in the league.

Pete Hurn



Latest Result from MCF  Div 2  16Dec19


Blue Club '2'          2        5      Heywood  '2'

Matthew Searles      1/2   1/2             Scott Riley

Tim Hilton                       0       1               Mark Southby

Armand Catz                         0       1                  William O'Rourke

Mark Taylor               1      0               Kyle Pelling

Marlon Espiritu       1/2    1/2            Gareth Ellis

Kevin Edge                    0       1               Dave S Almond

Dee Fault               0        1               Walk Over


Who needs the likes of James Carrington when we have the magnificent Mark Southby stepping in on Board 2 at the last minute?

This was after James forget to tell us that he was not coming to the match due to work commitments. The Blue Club 2 team was a player short which initially meant we had two players, Mark and non-playing captain Steve Flaherty, kicking their heels. When it became apparent that there would be no James we were able to substitute 126 graded Mark against the formidable 170 graded Tim Hilton.   

After going a pawn down Mark then launched a ferocious series of combinations which left his opponent's position in tatters and resigning before the inevitable mate happened. Dave Almond had got the bit between his teeth and already beaten his opponent, so we had a surprising 3-0 lead. Kyle our Wunderkind was in a difficult position against Blue Club captain Mark Taylor and eventually lost. The top board match between two equally graded players, our Scott Riley and their Matthew Searles ended in draw which now meant we could not lose the match. Our Gareth Ellis was having a battle royal against Espiritu with his two knights against a bishop and a knight. Cannily Gareth got the draw which clinched the match for Heywood. Finally, on Board 3 our Bill O'Rourke, was playing scintillating chess against Armand Catz coming up with a series of great moves which weakened his opponent's position. In the end queen, rook and bishop combined to leave his opponent with what chess great Larsen once said..."my strongest move was to resign!"

So a 5-2 victory for Heywood 2 who are top of Division 2 in the Manchester League with 4 wins out of Well-done team and even to absent James who gave Mark Southby the chance to show his chess ability.

Steve Flaherty 


Latest Result from ELL Div 2  11Dec19


Rossendale   B             1.5           3.5            Heywood   B


Rushworth, Ray             0 - 1                 Akin Soyoye

Sullivan, Terry                  ½ - ½                Jinks, Anthony

Bancroft, B                    ½ - ½                Mitchell, Ian   

Bridges, M                   ½ - ½                  Hurn, Peter

McCarthy, David                  0 - 1                Wildsmith, James

A good win for us, Akin turned up late but was first to finish winning his opponents Queen in a knight fork. James won quickly and easily on bottom board, he was just too strong for his opponent. My game was going well I was a piece up but overlooked his passed pawn! After swapping off most of the bits eventually with 2 knights v a bishop and 1 pawn the game was agreed a draw. Tony was next to finish and although with a piece up the game was agreed a draw with time very short.Last to finish was Ian on board 3, he was the exchange down but his opponent couldn't break through and so after some discussion, at the end of 50 moves the game too was agreed a draw.

Pete Hurn


Latest Result from CLL Div B  11Dec19


Heywood B             2 – 3    Crusaders C

Pelling, Kyle                    1 - 0      Williamson, Ian  

Ellis, Gareth                    ½ - ½    Dickinson, Peter

Almond, Dave S               0 - 1      Ndou, Goodchild

Flaherty, Steven M          ½ - ½    Morgan, Paul     

Marsden, Derek               0 - 1      Tumelty, Shaun 

This was a surprise win for Crusaders bearing in mind our superiority on the bottom 3 boards. But the B team are still top of the league.


Latest Result from B&R League Div B 11Dec19

    Heywood    C  3       1    Tameside     B    
  Lucas Stubbs  1  0    R Carrington
  Malachy Fielding  0  1    Vic Pelling
  Joshua Woodbridge   1   0    J Butterworth  
  Shaun Woodbridge   1  0    A Butterworth 
 A great win for us with a whole team of new juniors.


Latest Result from B&R League Div B 04Dec19


  Heywood    C   0.5        3.5    Bury    
 Bill Walton   0.5 0.5 John Briggs 
 Malachy Fielding    0 1  Steve Press  
    Rohan Mutu     0 1  Daniel Smitil   
   Conrad Fielding    0 1  Brian Forrest 
 Bury always have a strong side so a draw on top board was a good result for Bill, the other 3 team mates were all new juniors so well played to them.


Latest Result from B&R League Div A 04Dec19


  Heywood    A   1       3    Blue Club     A    
 Bill O'Rourke   0 1 Philip Armstrong
Gareth Ellis  0 1  Tim Hilton 
    Dave Almond     0 1 Matthew Searles   
   Con Carey    1 0  Armand Catz 
Blue Club had a super strong team and won easily but a cracking win for Con on board 4.
Latest Result from MCF Cup 04Dec19
Heywood     '4'   4.5        0.5    Bolton     '4'
  Ian Mitchell  0.5 0.5 Arpad Busznyak
Steve Mason   1 0  Dave Mathieson   
  Tony Jinks  1  0   Mike Houlston     
 Derek Marsden    1  0  Gary Cresswell  
 Peter Hurn  1  0  Rachael Topping 
We had a strong team for the semi final and won well, Derek won easily as his opponent gave away too many pieces, Tony finished his opponent off quickly ans Steve won well on board 2. My game was a bit of a struggle against a very capable junior I was 3 pawns up and then a knight and finally I trapped the King annd mate followed. Ian on board 1 was the exchange down but somehow managed to swap his opponents rook for a queened pawn and ended up with a bishop and 1 pawn v 2 pawns and thus the game was agreed a draw, a great win for us now to Eccles for the cup final!
Peter Hurn 
Latest Result from MCF Div D 27Nov19
 Eccles      '1'      3.5        1.5    Heywood    '4'
  Vincent Logan   1 0 Akin Soyoye
 Michael Oszczyk    0.5 0.5  Derek Marsden  
  Jules Irenge  0  1   Peter Hurn    
 Batibileg Chagdarsuran   1  0  Dave Thorp 
 Alex Sosnowski   1  0  John T Crompton


A close match, Akin had a tussle on top board but just lost in the end, Dave played great on board 4 but just overlooked a complicated position and ended up losing his Queen and so eventually lost. John played well on board 5 and was a pawn up most of the match but his opponent managed to pinch a piece for the pawn and won in the end game. Derek had a great game and was on top but in the end he could not break through and the game was agreed a draw. My match was close with me playing the Kings gambit and he actually accepted it. The opening left me a pawn down and my King in the middle of the board, but he could not attack my position and after I exchanged Queens I pressured his King and he had to give a rook for my knight then a knight for nothing and after swapping off his last rook he resigned. Not a bad result considering 4 of their grades were estimated.  

Peter Hurn

Latest Result from B&R League Div B 27Nov19

  Heywood    C   1       3    Heywood    B    
 Mike Woodbridge   0   1 John Pickersgill
Conrad Fielding  0   1  Lucas Stubbs
    Joshua Woodbridge    0   1  Malachy Fielding  
   Shaun Woodbridge   1   0 Ronnie Power 
A good win for the B team now 2nd in the league
Latest Result from MCF Div B 27Nov19
Heywood  2    4.5      2.5 3C's     '3'
Bill O'Rourke    1 0 Paul Keech
Carl Tillotson   0.5 0.5  Helal Ahmed
Kyle Pelling   0 Ben Newton
Ben Atueyi   1    Mohammed Rhoman 
 Dave Almond    1 0 John Walton 
Steve Flaherty    0 1  Shahedul  Alam
Tony Jinks    1 0 Zayeem Alam
Well done to the 2nd team who beat CCC3.  A special thank you to Tony Jinks and his captain, John Pickersgill, for allowing Tony to step into my team at very late notice, replacing James Carrington . Tony produced a good win on Board 7.  Also a special mention for Ben Atueyi who spent two hours on public transport to get to Heywood. With his win the scores were tied at 2.5 each after a draw by Carl T and a disastrous loss by yours truly. Kyle came up against another wunderkind and lost his game after a successful weekend in the British Rapidplay Championships (1st in the Inter section). Kipling's poem comes to mind when treating the  twin impostors of triumph and disaster. £200 prizemoney would have helped too! 
That left the wise heads of Dave Almond and Bill to try and get the win for the team. Their superior end game skills came to the fore with both winning and giving us a 4.5-2.5 final score.
It means we have played three and won three and are currently top of the division.
Steve Flaherty
Latest Result from MCF Div C 21Nov19
Marple 4      3 Heywood    '3'
Allan Hall 1 0 Kyle Pelling
David Fowler 0.5 0.5  Tarini Jayawarna
Chris Baker 0.5 0.5  Dave Almond
David Preen 1 0 Ian Mitchell 
 Paul Horrocks  1 0 Tony Jinks 
Neil Dainty 0 1  Thisumi Jayawarna 
Neil Dee 0 1 Peter Hurn
This was a very close match up against strong players especially on top boards. Kyle lost after going the exchange down,Tarini played out a good draw in a very stodgey position. Dave could have won but overlooked a pawn advance and had to take the draw. Ian played well but was just beaten. Tony had chances in his game his opponent was down to 1 second on the clock at one stage, but Tony just lost in the final time scramble. Thisumi had a good win after exerting lots of pressure on the King side. My game was very drawish, infact I offered a draw at one stage which he refused, after playing another 3 moves I was winning and his draw offer was then refused. I managed to get a passed pawn home and thus he resigned. Not a bad result 4 - 3 to Marple.
Pete Hurn
Latest Result from MCF Div A  21Nov19
  Bolton     '1'       3         4    Heywood    '1'
 Simeon Sakic  0.5   0.5  D. Brett Lund
 Adam Tyton    0    1  Nugith Jayawarna
 Harry Lamb   0.5    0.5  Peter Jowett
 Allan Gardner   0   1  Martyn Hamer 
 Lee Bailey   1   0  James Carrington  
 Victor Nagy   0   1    Bill O'Rourke
 Ian Lamb   1   0  Carl Tillotson


A great win for us against a very strong Bolton team. Puts us top of the league at present.


Latest Result from ELL Div 2  20Nov19

  Heywood      B     2.5         2.5    Heywood    A  
  Ian Mitchell   0    1    Kyle Pelling  
  James Wildsmith     0   1  Dave Almond  
  Derek Marsden  0.5   0.5  Steve Flaherty
  Peter Hurn   1   0  Lucas Stubbs
 Vic Pelling    1   0  Mike Woodbridge  


A close match the A team had strength on the top 3 boards, Kyle beat Ian Mitchell and Dave was a bit too strong for James, Derek and Steve had a tussle on board 3 and ended up calling it a draw after both short on time. My game v Lucas was very close he managed to get a pawn up in the opening, but gifted me piece some moves later. But mis calculated in the end game swapping his rook for my bishop thinking he could queen a pawn, I just managed to get my queen round to save it and he resigned. Vic was thrown into the match with 5 mins notice and managed to get on top of Mike with a fabulous King side attack and so Mike resigned. A draw a good result for the B team, the A team are currently top of the league.


Latest Result from B&R League Div B 20Nov19

 Heywood  B  2      2    Blue Club      C   
 John Pickersgill     0   1   Brian Parkin  
 Josh Woodbridge    1   0  Bernard Dean
 Shaun Woodbridge       1   0  Callum Oliver 
 Malachy Fielding      0   1   Josh Hardy 

A good result. John had a won position only to get his King and Rook forked and eventually lost. Shaun and Josh both had good wins, they are really coming on. Malachy was unlucky on board 4.


Latest Result from CLL Div B  19Nov19

  Leyland      B     0.5         4.5    Heywood    B  
 David Tuke   0   1   Kyle Pelling  
 Ben O'Rourke    0  1  Dave Almond  
 Steve Hughes   0   1  Steve Flaherty
 Dave Lindley  0.5 0.5    Tarini Jayawarna 
 Ken Lawson   0  1  Thisumi Jayawarna  
Heywood B fielded a strong team so a good result was expected. The overall result exceed the expectations so well done everyone.
Tarini finished first, it was an even game but with time looking like it may be an issue she made the correct call and offered a draw, good game management.
Kyle finished second, he slowly took the space from his opponent and then started to put pressure on the King, A series of "checks" would then have resulted in his opponent losing his Queen so his opponent resigned.
Steve played a good steady game and increasingly outplayed his opponent to secure a great win, this put the team on 2.5 points with just a draw required from the final 2 games.
Thisumi was a piece up but very low on time, she just managed to make the 35 moves in the allotted time in order to gain the additional minutes allowed. This time was put to good use and the pressure finally told on her opponent who made a blunder in the end game. Well played
The final game was a ferocious battle which went right to the wire, Dave was the exchange and a pawn up (or 2?) and was pushing pawns in order to promote them. His opponent was making him work for the win but eventually playing on the increments took its toll and his opponent ran out of time.
Some excellent play by everyone, it was a long journey but a great team result to put Heywood B top of the CL League B.



Latest Result from ELL Div 2  14Nov19

  Crusaders     D     0.5         4.5    Heywood    A  
 Asad Syed   0    1   Dave Almond   
 Regan Topham  0.5 0.5 Stev Flaherty  
   Dominik Drag  0   1  Ian Mitchell
 Robert Grounds 0   1  Peter Hurn
William Jones 0 1  John T Crompton 

This was quite an easy win, my game was over in 10 mins my opponent gave me a queen for a knight at move 6 and then gave me bishop and knight before he resigned. Dave on top board finished next after also being gifted a queen for a minor piece. John Crompton was next to finish again being a queen up and mated his opponent. Next was Steve Flaherty playing perhaps their strongest player, It was an even ending and a draw was agreed

Pete Hurn



Latest Result from B&R League Div A 13Nov19

 Heywood  B     1    Tameside     B   
 Bill O'Rourke      0    1   Armand Catz  
 Gareth Ellis     1  0  Mark Taylor
 Dave Almond      1  0  Jeff Wilson 
  Not Named      1   0   De Fault 

A good win for us



Latest Result from B&R League Div B 13Nov19

 Heywood  B     1    Tameside     B   
 Tony Jinks     0    1   Kyle Pelling  
 Peter Hurn     1  0  Mick McCue 
 John T Crompton      1  0  Jordan Quinn 
  Ashley Freeman      1   0   A. Butterworth 


John and  John both had relatively easy games against juniors and ended up winning quickly. I was a pawn down in my game but had a great attack in the end game which ended up with him resigning after losing his queen in a knight fork. On top board Tony had a great game against Kyle but in the end Kyle was  just too strong for him so he was forced to resign, good win for the team 3 - 1.


Latest Result from B&R League Div B 12Nov19

 Bury 3      1    Heywood    C  
 John Grindrod     1    0   Mike Woodbridge 
 Jeremy Peach     1  0  Malachy Fielding 
 Brian Forrest     0  1  Josh Woodbridge 
  Ashley Freeman      1   0   Shaun Woodbridge 

Good experience for the juniors.


Latest Result from ELL Div 2  12Nov19

  Clitheroe      B     1.5         3.5    Heywood    A
 Keith Melling   0    1   Kyle Pelling  
 Eric Mansfield    0   1  Dave Almond  
 R. Sutcliffe    0.5   0.5  Steve Flaherty 
 John Moxham   1   0    Con Carey  
 Janis Abols   0   1  Peter Hurn 


 I was the exchange down early on but managed to get a piece and a pawn in the middle game and then my attack was too strong for him he couldn't stop my passed pawn. Kyle had a quick win on top board, whilst Steve played out a stodgey draw and Con got into trouble in his match losing in the end game. So the score stood at 2.5 to 1.5 with Dave on top in his game being the exchange up and his opponent blundered in the end game giving us the win 3.5 to 1.5.

Pete Hurn

Latest Result from CLL Div A  06Nov19
  Heywood    A      3         2   Atherton   A
 Phillip Armstrong    1    0   Lee Kay  
 Matthew Searles   0.5  0.5  Peter Mulleady  
 James Carrington   0.5   0.5  Martin Lythgoe
 Bill O'Rourke   0   1    Dave Martindale  
 Gareth Ellis   1   0  Harry Newham
A good win for us against strong opposition

Latest Result from MCF Div E Cup 04Nov19
  Bolton     '5'      3.5        1.5    Heywood    '5'
 William Fairclough    1     0   Jason Chapman
 Bryony Eccleston   0   1  Mark  Cooper 
 Leon Hunt   1   0   Michael Woodbridge 
 Sam Hunt  0.5  0.5    Joshua Woodbridge
 Lewis Sheehy   1   0  Shaun Woodbridge


Cup match we played OK but they were just too strong for us, well done Mark and Josh.