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Latest Result from the ELL Div 2 24Apr19


  Heywood     1.5          3.5      Clitheroe 'A'  
 Con Carey    0   1    Dave Talbot    
 James Wildsmith    1   0   Keith Melling
 John T Crompton    0.5   0.5   Eric Mansfield
 John Pickersgill    0   1   Colin Knight 
 Joshua Woodbridge     0   1    John Moxham 


A close match against a strong team but a good win for James.



Latest Result from the CLL Div A 24Apr19

  Heywood 'A'    3         2    Rochdale
 Phillip Armstrong   1   0  Robert Newton 
 Matthew Searles    1   0  Armand Catz
 Bill O'Rourke   0    1  Mark Whitehead 
 James Carrington    0   1   Mark Taylor
 John Addison   1   0   Default  


A good win for us we need to go too Preston and beat their 'A' team to secure the legue title!


Latest Result from the MCF Div D 24Apr19

  Heywood '4'    3.5         1.5     Chorlton   '4'
 Tarini Jayawarna     1   0  Phil Bennett
 Tony Jinks   0   1  Joel Prittie
 Steve Mason  0.5   0.5  Conor Hicks
 Peter Hurn   1   0  Anthony Fagan 
 Derek Marsden   1   0   David Hynes  
This was a knife edge match, me and Derek had quick wins on the bottom 2 boards and next was Steve Mason who agreed a draw in a level position, so 2.5 to 0.5 and a draw at least. We needed to win in order to win the League and after Tony blundered on board 2 it was all down to our budding junior Tarini, just back after international duties. She was getting battered by Phil Bennett but simply marched her King down the board and after sacrifising her queen she still managed to attack,so much that Phil resigned. With this we win the match and the Div D league title.
Pete Hurn



Latest Result from the MCF Div D 15Apr19


  Bolton '4'    2.5         2.5     Heywood  '4'
  John Skipworth    0   1   Tony Jinks
 P. D. Patel   0   1   Steve Mason
Andrew Beavan  0.5   0.5   Peter Hurn
 Peter Hosie   1   0   Derek Marsden 
  Mike Swift   1   0    Joshua Woodbridge  


 This was a very close encounter both Tony and Steve finished their games quickly,followed by Derek, my game was a close affair I feel I should have won having 2 pawns and Rook vs a rook but my opponent played all the right moves and I played the right moves but in the wrong order so a draw and Josh was still playing. But Josh's opponent just got the better of him winning in the end. So we ended up with a draw.


Latest Result from the ELL Div 2 18Apr19


  Crusaders 'C'     1           4      Heywood  
 Goodchild Ndou    0   1    Con Carey     
 Asad Syed   0   1   Steve Mason
 Regan Topham   0.5   0.5   Peter Hurn
 William T Jones    0   1   Derek Marsden 
 Robert Grounds    0.5  0.5    John T Crompton 
This was closer than the score suggests, Steve Mason beat a junior on board 2 by moving fast (thats how he put it), Derek was next to win his game getting him mated on the Queen side. Mine was next and although my opponent was a junior he played some excellent moves, I was 2 pawns down at one stage then managed to get 1 back but after he swapped off all bits apart from both having a bishop left I was suddenly 2 pawns v his 5. He then blundered one of his king side pawns, but couldn't get his King round to attack my pawns andthus a draw was agreed, phew that was lucky!! Next to finish was John on board 5 he had a bishop and 4 pawns v a rook and 1 pawn with time running out a draw was agreed. Con was last to finish in a nail biting end his opponent overlooked his 2 passed pawns on Con's a and b files and after the last rooks were exchanged Con got  his  queen first thenit was all over.
Well  done to one and all, Ian was working again but the stand ins did well. Many thanks to Con for providing team transport.
Pete Hurn



Latest Result from the ELL Div 2 17Apr19


 Heywood     3.5          1.5     Clitheroe 'B'  
 Con Carey   0.5  0.5    Eric Mansfield    
 Mark Southby    1   0   John Moxham
 John T Crompton    0   1   Colin Knight
 Mark Woodbridge    1   0   Patricia Talbot
 Josh Woodbridge    1   0   Karl Barnsley

This was a good win for us with the Woodbriges forming a winning duel, well done to all that played, captain Ian Mitchell was unfortunately working so could not attend.



Latest Result from the CLL Div B 17Apr19


 Heywood 'B'    5         0    Crusaders 'B' 
  Walk Over   1   0    De Fault    
  Walk Over   1   0   De Fault
  Walk Over   1   0   De Fault
  Walk Over   1   0   De Fault
 Walk Over   1   0   De Fault


Crusaders could not field a team they told us with just 2 days notice and so we were unable to offer an acceptable re match date, with it being nearly at the end of the season.




Latest Result from the MCF Hartley Cup 17Apr19


 Heywood '5'   2.5        2.5   Chorlton '4' 
 Peter Hurn  0.5  0.5   Howard Hughes 
   Derek Marsden    0    1  Phil Bennett
 Ross Greenhalgh     1    0  Joel Prittie
 Thisumi Jayawarna    0   1  Conor Hicks
 Walk Over   1   0  Dee Fault
This was a very close game, they turned up late due to traffic on the motorway and only had 4 players.
Board 1 - Pete, played an outstanding game a got a fantastic draw against a mush higher graded opponent.
Board 2 - Derek, again faced a much high graded opponent and appeared to have the upper hand until losing a Knight.
Board 3 - Ross, continued having a fantastic season with a well earned win against a very good opponent.
Board 4 - Thisumi, Played a very tactical game and found it quite tough to develop some pieces, lost a couple of pawns and worked very hard to try and get back into the game. Beaten by a very good opponent, very well done Thisumi.
Board 5 - Pauly Knight - Opponent never turned up, was probably scared of Pauly.
Thanks again and see you soon.

Vic Pelling


Latest Result from the B&R Cup Final 16Apr19


 Bury    2        2   Heywood 'C' 
 John Briggs   0    1   Mark Southby 
 Steven Press   1  0  Ian Mitchell
 Jeremy Peach   0.5   0.5   Peter Hurn
 Brian Forrest   0.5  0.5  John T Crompton 

 Mark had a quick win on the top board, I think his opponent blundered.Mine was next and it was a complicated position I was stuck on my Qeen side and he didn't want to break through so we agreed a draw. Next was John's game, he was  2 rooks against a rook and 2 bishops and to his amazement hi opponent offered the draw (meaning that we win the match on board count) so he accepted taking the pressure of our captain Ian. He was in a awkward position his opponent had connected pawns on g2 and h3 with his king stuck on h1, he had to sacrifice his knight for the 2 pawns but missed his rook getting forked so lost in the end. No probs we won the cup on board count. Well done to all who took part many thanks to Ian for the transport.

Pete Hurn





Latest Result from the MCF Div D 15Apr19


 Bolton '4'   2.5        2.5   Heywood '4' 




Latest Result from the B&R Rapid 15Apr19


Blue Club 'B'  1.5         8.5    Heywood  'A'
R. Gavin   0     2 William O'Rourke
N. Jerzynek   0     2 John  Addison
J. Wilson  1.5    0.5 Steve Flaherty
P Czyrski   0     2 Ian Mitchell
A. Jennings   0     2 Thisumi Jayawarna

 The absence of three regular players did not faze our team at all. Special thanks to Ian and Thisumi who not only played at short notice, but also demonstrated why they should have been picked in the first place, both of them collecting maximum points without any apparent difficulty. This match concludes our rapidplay season, and the victory ensures us of second place in the league. Congratulations to Blue Club A, who have secured the league title with one match still to play, having won all their matches to date by handsome margins.




Latest Result from the CLL Div. A 10Apr19


Heywood 'A'   4           1    Crusaders 'A'
Mathew Searles 0.5   0.5 Martyn Hamer
Bill O'Rourke 1   0 John Whitfield
James Carrington 1   0 Default
John Addison 0.5   0.5 Peter Dickinson
Dave Almond 1   0 Shaun Tumelty

 A good win for us.



Latest Result from the MCF Div. A 09Apr19


Altrincham   2.5           4.5   Heywood '1'
Mark Hann 0   1 Peter Jowett
Reg Clucas 0   1 Martyn Hamer
David Newell 0   1 Carl Tillotson
Mark E Whalley 0.5   0.5 Bill O'Rourke
Sheraz Khalil 0   1 James Carrington
Anthony J Lane 1   0 John Addison
Nick Lowe 1   0 Tarini Jayawarna

 A good win against a strong team.



Latest Result from the B&R  Div. B 09Apr19


                                Bury               1                3                  Heywood      'B'


                          Steve Press          0                 1        Dave Almond
                       Jeremy Peach         0                 1       Steve Flaherty
                       Brian Forrest           0                 1       Con Carey
                      Ash Freeman           1                  0      John Pickersgill 
John was very unlucky, I think he had won game
Cheers Con 



Latest Result from the MCF Div. C 08Apr19


                                Notheneden                1.5                 5.5                  Heywood      '3'


                                 Thomas Davidson         0                   1                     Dave S Almond
                                    Vijay Kumar               0                   1                     Con Carey 
                                   Liam Lougheed         1/2                1/2                   Kyle Pelling
                                     Anthony Hunt            1                   0                   Steven Mason
                                     Gary Jackson            0                    1                   Anthony Jinks
                                      Lionel Taylor            0                    1                     Peter Hurn
                             Nathan Harvey-Jones       0                    1                  Ross Greenhalgh 


This was a topsy turvy match, most of the team in Con's car were about 15 mins late, due to traffic etc. Clocks were started when we arrived! Con was first to finish with an easy win, but then Steve Mason lost his game. Ross got the better of his opponent after swapping his queen for 2 rooks and quickly mated his opponents King. My game was next and after blundering a piece early on I was always under the cosh, but my opponent didn't go for the kill, he swapped off all the pieces leaving his knight plus 4 pawns against my 6 pawns, with a passed pawn on the A file he could't get his knight across the board quick enough. My great escape and Queen v knight he soon resigned. The next to finish was Kyle his game looked very even and so he eventually agreed the draw. That left Dave on the top board and Tony on board 5. There was controversy on the top board, Dave's opponent made 2 illegal moves and after checking the rules etc, Dave won the game. Tony was a piece down in his game but looking like a draw, but his opponent ran out of time claiming that he thought he had 20 more mins, (this was at around 11pm) and so Tony won on time! Well done to all that attended it is quite a journey if you drive through the centre.

Pete Hurn




Latest Result from the CLL Div. B 04Apr19


                          Crusaders   C                      1                 4             Heywood      'B'


                               Syed, Asad                 0                  1           Carrington, James
                           Topham, Regan              0                  1           Almond, Dave S
                          Crook, Harrison               0                  1           Flaherty, Steven M
                         Grounds, Robert               0                  1           Pelling, Kyle
                         Jones, William T               1                  0           Default


Nice win to say we only had 4 players.



  Latest Result from the MCF Div B 03Apr19


                                         Heywood        '2'             4.5              2.5              Chorlton      '2'


                                William O'Rourke                   0                  1              Alan Beresford
                               James Carrington                    1                  0            Graham Phythian
                                 John Addison                         1                  0               Paul Harnett
                                Dave S Almond                      1/2              1/2            Howard Hughes
                              Steve Hutchinson                     1/2              1/2              Phil Bennett
                                 Con Carey                             1/2              1/2               Joel Prittie
                                 Walk Over                               1                 0                  Dee Fault

 A good win for us.




  Latest Result from the MCF Div E 03Apr19


                                              Heywood        '6'             2.5              2.5              Bolton      '5'


                                            Peter Hurn                      1/2               1/2             P D Patel
                                        John Crompton                    1                  0              Leon Hunt 
                                       John Pickersgill                     0                  1        William Fairclough 
                                   Michael Woodbridge                 1                  0          Bryony Eccleston
                                   Joshua Woodbridge                   0                  1               Sam Hunt 


This was a tight match, Josh was first to finish, playing a good game but just losing. Mike was second to finish and he played a sound game and eventually overpowered his opponent. My game was next and after a shaky start I ended up a pawn down in a tight position, so a draw was quickly agreed. John Crompton looked to be losing, a pawn down but managed to win in the end with 2 passed pawns on the seventh rank. So John only needed a draw to win the match, he did offer a draw but his young opponent was a pawn up and a better position,John soon crumbled when his opponent got a pawn on the 7th rank and John's King was stuck. So a drawn match and fair result.

Pete Hurn



  Latest Result from the B&R Div B 02Apr19


                                              Bury                           1            3           Heywood      'C'


                                             G James                     1/2          1/2          M Southby

                                             S Press                       1/2          1/2          I Mitchell

                                             A Freeman                    0             1           R Greenhalgh

                                             Smith                            0             1            J Crompton


A good win for us 




Latest Result from the B&R Rapid Play 27Mar19


               Heywood           'A'                 9.5              0.5             Tameside       'A'


                                     Martyn Hamer                      2                        0                  James Carrington
                                     Bill  O'Rourke                       2                        0                     Kyle Pelling
                                     Dave Almond                        2                       0                  M Benhamida
                                 Steve Hutchinson                    1.5                    0.5                 P Knight
                                   Steve Flaherty                        2                        0                   J Benhamida


A strong team a but good experience for the Tameside juniors + James.





  Latest Result from the B&R Rapid Play 26Mar19


                 Blue Club          'A'                  8            2             Heywood      'A'


                                  Hilton, Tim                              1             0             O'Rourke, William
                                  Hilton, Tim                              1             0             O'Rourke, William
                              Whitehead, Mark                        1             0             Almond, Dave S
                             Whitehead, Mark                         1             0             Almond, Dave S
                                 Catz, Armand                          1             0              Mitchell, Ian
                                 Catz, Armand                          1             0              Mitchell, Ian
                                 Searles, M                               1             0             Jinks, Anthony
                                 Searles, M                               1             0             Jinks, Anthony
                               Jenkins Adam                            0             1            Wildsmith, James
                               Jenkins Adam                            0             1            Wildsmith, James


We were mostly heavily outgraded but well done to  James on the bottom board for his 2 wins!



   Latest Result from the  MCF Div. C 20Mar19


                          Heywood       '3'            4.5           2.5            Stockport        '3'


                                    Dave S Almond                 0                  1                 Peter H Taylor
                                 Steven M Flaherty             1/2                 1/2              Gareth Griffiths
                                 Steve Hutchinson              1/2                 1/2              Anthony Prime
                                    Kyle Pelling                     1                     0                 John Kelly
                                    Con Carey                      1/2                  1/2              Ian Anderson
                                   Ian Mitchell                       1                     0                 Walk Over
                                 Anthony Jinks                     1                     0               David Peatfield


 A good win for us, we are now mid table.




   Latest Result from the  MCF Div. A 20Mar19


                          Heywood       '1'            5            2              3C's         '2'


                                   D Brett Lund                     1                0             Robert McLean
                              Nugith Jayawarna                1/2             1/2            Yaoyao Zhu
                                Martyn Hamer                    1/2             1/2            Kevin Ye
                                 Scott Riley                        1/2              1/2            Ran Song
                               Carl Tillotson                       1/2             1/2             Paul Keech
                             William O'Rourke                   1                 0              John F Walton
                            James Carrington                   1                 0               Ben Newton



A good win for us which puts us in 2nd place in Div A.




   Latest Result from the CLL Div. A 19Mar19


                          Rochdale                    3              2              Heywood      'A'


                             Newton, Robert A                 1                 0              Searles, Matthew JE
                                Hilton, Tim                         0                 1                Armstrong, Philip
                              Catz, Armand                      0                 1               O'Rourke, William
                          Whitehead, Mark A                 1                  0              Carrington, James
                             Pope, Martin                        1                  0               Almond, Dave S


Result was 3-2 to rochdale mat lost, phil won, bill won, i lost and dave lost, we were white on odds bill won with a good fast check mate rest aint worth reporting.






   Latest Result from the B&R Rapid Play 13Mar19


                            Heywood         'A'            3            7              Blue Club   'A'


                                             Hamer, Martyn             1                0                Armstrong, Philip
                                             Hamer, Martyn             1                0                Armstrong, Philip
                                          O'Rourke, William           0                1                   Hilton, Tim
                                          O'Rourke, William           1                 0                  Hilton, Tim
                                           Marsden, Derek             0                 1              Whitehead, Mark A
                                           Marsden, Derek             0                 1              Whitehead, Mark A
                                          Crompton, T John           0                 1                 Catz, Armand
                                          Crompton, T John           0                 1                 Catz, Armand
                                            Jones, Paul                   0                 1              Searles, Matthew JE
                                            Jones, Paul                   0                 1              Searles, Matthew JE


A makeshift team due to fixtures clashes we did well to get 3 points.



   Latest Result from the B&R Div. B 13Mar19


                            Heywood         'B'            2.5          1.5              Blue Club   'C'


                                        Almond, Dave S                0                 1                   Jerzynek, Neil
                                      Flaherty, Steven M             ½                 ½                   Wilson, Jeff
                                      Hutchinson, Steve              1                  0                   Dean, Bernard
                                          Carey, Con                     1                  0                   Czyrski, Paul H

 We had a strong team but only just won.



   Latest Result from the ELL Div. 2 13Mar19


                            Rossendale        'C'            1.5            3.5                  Heywood


                                              Bancroft, B                        ½                  ½               Southby, Mark
                                         Rushworth, Ray                      0                   1                Hurn, Peter
                                           Martin, Paul                          0                   1              Wildsmith, James
                                        McCarthy, David                      0                   1              Greenhalgh, Ross
                                          Judge, Owen                         1                   0                Pickersgill, John


This was a good win for us against ungraded players? James was on top of his game and was a queen up in a few moves and eventually his opponent folded. John was next up he was an early pawn up but got stuck in a corner with a mate soon to follow. My game was next to finish I was apawn down in a poor opening but eventually managed to put a lot of pressure on the g7 pawn eventually gaining a Knight followed by a Rook, so I then sacrifised my rook and knight for his Queen and he quickly gave up. Ross played another blinder on board 4 managing to get 3 pawns up in the end game and after he forked his opponents bishop and King his oppponent soon resigned.The top board was last and Mark looked like winning being 2 pawns up in the end game but his opponent managed to get a draw via perpectual check. So the final score was 3.5 to 1.5, well done to all and many thanks to John for transporting me.

Pete Hurn




   Latest Result from the B&R Div. B 06Mar19


                            Heywood         'C'            2            2                  Bury


                                          I Mitchell                         1                 0                 J Briggs

                                        J Wildsmith                       1                 0                 J Peach

                                       J Pickersgill                       0                 1                B Forrest

                                         R Powell                          0                 1                A Freeman


This was a very close match no details provided but great win for James!




   Latest Result from the B&R Div. A 06Mar19


                            Heywood         'A'            0.5            3.5              Blue Club      'B'


                                            M. Hamer                         0                   1                 A. Catz
                                         W. O'Rourke                     1/2                  1/2               R. Gavin
                                           J. Addison                        0                     1                 M. Taylor
                                          D. Almond                         0                     1                 M. Esperitu

John's opponent sacrificed a piece for a dangerous attack which he was unable to repel either during the game or in the post mortem. Dave never recovered the pawn he gave up in his wild opening and steadily shipped more material as his opponent gradually increased his grip on the position. Martyn's position looked promising but when his attack failed to break through his wily opponent quickly turned the tables. Bill had some pressure in his game which eventually transformed into a small endgame advantage that never looked like being enough for more than a draw against a resourceful opponent, and so it proved. A disappointing result, but well played by the Blue Club.

 John Addison




   Latest Result from the MCF  Hartley Cup 06Mar19


                            3C's         '4'            2.5            2.5              Heywood     '4'


                                       Helal Ahmed             0                   1                Anthony Jinks
                                      Karl Moorcroft          1/2                1/2               Peter Hurn
                                     Stephen Rigby           0                    1                John T Crompton
                                     John F Walton            1                    0             Michael Woodbridge
                                    Everson Correa           1                    0             Joshua Woodbridge


A game we thought we would get battered! Josh was first to finish his opponent just too strong, Mike was next to succomb to a stronger player, but he battled well. Next my game was very topsy turvy, I threw all my king side pawns at my opponent and ended up in a drawn position with the Queens swapped off, he offered the draw so I took it, thinking that the match was lost? Next Tony who was a piece down managed to gain a whole rook in the middle game and with 2 connected passed pawns on the G and F files the game was settled shortly after. That meant it was all on John to win the match on board count. He was a pawn up most of the game but managed to promote his g pawn with his opponent unable to stop it. Result 2.5 - 2.5 and we win on board count, onward to the final!!

Pete Hurn





    Latest Result from the MCF  Alfred Milner Cup 05Mar19


                            Chorlton         '5'            3.5            1.5              Heywood     '6'


                                                   Andrew Beswick   1/2                 1/2                Peter Hurn
                                                 Herach Manassian  1                     0            Jason Chapman
                                                   Joel Prittie             0                     1            T John Crompton
                                                     Conor Hicks        1                     0          Joshua Woodbridge
                                                    Anthony Fagan    1                     0          Michael Woodbridge


Josh was first to finish his opponent was just too strong for him, next Mike was beaten by his opponent. Then John secured a good win on board 3 and Jason was asking for a draw in his game thinking that I would win?? Jason was apawn down and his opponent ground him down, so the match being lost now I accepted the draw from my oponent who was in time trouble. Many thanks to the Woodbridges drafted in late and special thanks to Michael who drove us there and back.

Pete Hurn