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Latest results from Bury & Rochdale Cup on 12Dec18 
Heywood        'B'     2.5       Blue Club        'C'      1.5
                                   Almond, Dave S        1          Parkin, Brian A             0
                                   Flaherty, Steven M   0.5        Wilson, Jeff                 0.5
                                            Carey, Con       0          New Player                   1
                                          Jinks, Anthony   1          Czyrski, Paul H              0

We beat the Blue Club 2.5-1.5 last night in the Bury and Rochdale League with wins for Tony Jinks and Dave Almond and me taking a draw for the team when I knew we were winning 2-1.

Steve F

Latest results from MCF  Alfred Milner Cup on 12Dec18 
Heywood      '6'     2.5       3C's       '6'      2.5
                                                 Peter Hurn        0.5                 M. Rohman       0.5
                                   Derek Marsden         1                   A. Custy              0
                                    John Pickersgill        1                  S. Custy              0
                                   Mark Woodbridge      0                   S. Alam              1
                                   Josh Woodbridge      0                   Z. Alam              1
This was a tight match going down to the wire the Woodbridges lost quickly and John Pickersgill was a piece down, so it wasn't looking good. But then Derek managed to win on Board 2. My game was looking drawish but was looking at John's epic game which he somehow turned around and won which made the score now at 2-2 with it all depending on my game. Being a cup match I quickly worked out that a draw on my board would win us the match on board count. So my opponent  who was in a bit of time trouble and me being only a pawn up accepted the draw willingly? Job done drawn match but a win on board count.
Pete Hurn
Latest results from Bury & Rochdale Div A on 10Dec18 
Blue Club       'A'     3       Heywood       'A'      1
                                      R. Newton             0           Bill O'Rourke           1
                                     M. Searles             1           John  Addison          0
                                     T. Hilton                 1           Dave Almond           0
                                    M. Whitehead         1          Steve Flaherty          0
A predictable result, given that we were missing our two best players, and were outgraded by twenty to thirty points on every board, but all four games were hard fought, with Bill scoring an excellent victory on top board.
John Addison
Latest results from MCF  Div B on 03Dec18 
Blue Club      '2'     3       Heywood      '2'      4
                                  Philip Armstrong        1           William O'Rourke       0
                                  Armand Catz             0.5        James Carrington      0.5
                                  Richard A Gavin        1           John Addison             0
                                  Martin Pope              0.5         Dave S Almond         0.5
                                  Derrick Taylor             0          Steve Hutchinson        1
                                  Brian A Parkin            0          Steven M Flaherty       1
                                  Paul H Czyrski           0          Con Carey                   1
A fine result for us last night ! We won 4-3. The Blue Club outgraded us on the top boards but we had strength in depth. Bill lost on Board one. James drew on 2 John Addison lost on three but then we had Dave drawing on 4 and three wins on the bottom three boards by Steve Hutchinson, Steve Flaherty and Con Carey. So it means we now have played 4, won two lost two.
Steve 50F
Latest results from MCF  Div D on 05Dec18 
Heywood       '5'     1.5       Heywood      '4'      3.5
                             Peter Hurn                   0.5             Anthony Jinks          0.5
                             Paul Jones                    0              Derek Marsden          1
                            Tarini Jayawarna            1              John Pickersgill          0
                           Jason Chapman              0              Michael Woodbridge  1
                           Andrew Heys                   0             John Crompton           1
Tough game Heywood 5 missing most of our juniors but this result leaves Heywood 5 still top of the league.
Latest results from Bury & Rochdale Div A on 05Dec18 
Heywood       'A'     2.5       Tameside       'A'      1.5
                                       Default                 0              Default                 1
                                      Bill O'Rourke        1              S. Mason              0
                                     John  Addison      0.5            K. Pelling             0.5
                                     Dave Almond        1              M. Benhamida      0
A good win for our A team even with having to default on the top board. This result puts us top of Div A.