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Latest Result from the CLL Vaux Cup Final 22May19

  Heywood    'B'    2.5          2.5     Great Lever
 Bill O'Rourke   0   1  Nicholas Barnaby 
 Gareth Ellis   0   1  Chris Jardine
 John Addison   1    0  Paul D Doherty
 Dave Almond    0.5  0.5  Michael Carroll
 Kyle Pelling   1   0  Anthony Wilkinson 


They had a strong top 2 boards just a bit too strong for us, they won the cup on board count!!



Latest Result from the CLL Div. B 15May19

  Heywood    'B'    2.5          2.5     Great Lever
 Bill O'Rourke  0.5  0.5  Nicholas Barnaby 
 James Carrington   0   1  Jon I Lonsdale
 John Addison   0    1  Paul D Doherty
 Dave Almond     1   0   P D Patel
 Steve Flaherty   1   0  Brian Davies

This was a warm up for next weeks cup final, last night's result a draw.
Wins for Steve Flaherty and myself and losses for John Addison and James and a good draw from Bill O'Rourke.
They are very strong on top 3 boards, so they, in order to keep to the 750 maximum rule suffer on the bottom 2.

Dave Almond



Latest Result from the MCF Hartley Cup Final 07May19


  Chorlton    '4'    2.5          2.5     Heywood  '4'
 Andrew Cowan  0.5  0.5  Kyle Pelling 
 Howard Hughes   0   1  Tarini Jayawarna 
 Phil Bennett    1    0   Mark Southby
 Peter Horwell     1   0   Peter Hurn
 Andrew Beswick   0   1  Derek Marsden
There was some excellent chess this evening, we were outgraded on every board and as such every game was going to be difficult and very tight. First to finish was Tarini quickly beating a very capable Howard Hughes! Next was Derek he beat Andrew Beswick again, so 2-0 and looking good. But then Mark was mated by Phil Bennett with his King in no mans land. Next was my game I made a blunder in the opening and ended up 3 pawns down, so he swapped off all the bits and the end soon followed. So now 2 - 2 and Kyle on the top board was having a tussle with his opponent. Kyle was made aware of the score and when his opponent offered the draw advice was requested by our captain, Vic. At this stage there was some confusion over the rules after a dawn match. Kyles game was paused while the rule books were checked, still no firm reply, I thought we would win on board count,but not alltogether sure. Kyles game was agreed a draw and the rules would be checked on the MCF web site.
Chorltons captain advised me the rules says if board count is even then bottom board elimination comes into effect, which means Chorlton win the cup.
Well played everyone, some great chess this evening.
Vic and Pete



Latest Result from the MCF Div B 02May19

  Urmston    '1'     2          3     Heywood  '2'
 Dennis Owen   1   0  William O'Rourke  
 Sajjad Dehghan-Afifi    1    0   John Addison
 Grant Randall   0.5    0.5   Steve Flaherty 
 Tim Plunkett    0.5  0.5   Con Carey
 Dave Bellis   0   1  Kyle Pelling
 James Baillie   0   1   Ian Mitchell
 Frank Kenny   0   1   Peter Hurn
Who needs  the likes of absentees, Dave Almond, James Carrington and Steves Hutchie and Mason when we have little Kyle, Peter Hurn  and Ian Mitchell instead ! . We travelled to deepest Urmston last night for the final match in Division B and came away with a memorable victory winning 4-3. It all came down to the last two boards with the score at 2.5-2.5 after a draw by Steve F and wins by Peter and Ian. Both Kyle and Con were in potentially losing positions but first Con lived up to his name and forced a draw despite being the exchange down. Then all eyes were on the nerveless Kyle who was a pawn down. Cleverly he reached the time control with loads of time left (13 seconds) and then outplayed his opponent in the end game. So well done team.
We will allow the likes of Dave, the two Steves and James to play next season of course. And a big thank you to all players who played for the 2nd team this season. We finished with 5 wins and three losses and 4th place overall.
Steve F 



Latest Result from the B&R Div B 01May19

  Heywood   'C'    0.5         3.5    Blue Club  'C'
 Mark Southby   0   1  Marlon Espiritu 
 Ian Mitchell   0.5   0.5   Neil Jerzynek
 James Wildsmith    0    1  Jeff Wilson  
 John T Crompton     0   1   Bernard Dean 

A tough match they brought a strong team!



Latest Result from the CLL Div A 01May19

  Preston  'A'    2         3    Heywood 'A'
 Lund D Brett   1   0  Searles Matthew  
 Peacock Malcolm   0.5   0.5   Armstrong Philip
 Reaney Conor   0    1  O'Rourke William  
 Ashcroft Graham    0   1   Carrington James 
 B Duane Joss  0.5  0.5   Almond Dave 


In a gripping end to the season, an out-graded Heywood first team travelled to league leaders Preston and had to win to win the league. And we did just that - 3-2 - congratulations to captain James Carrington and everybody who has played for the team this season
Not helped by struggling to find the new venue (Dave and Bill both lost some time when Preston unusually started the clocks), the whole team payed some controlled aggressive chess. Dave had to take a draw on board 5 when his opponent succeeded in swopping off all the pieces and leaving a drawn bishop and pawn ending.
Phil Armstrong went toe to toe with Malcolm Peacock on board 2, who enjoys building solid positions and accruing small advantages. Except that Phil matched him completely, leading to a very solid draw.
Matt took on legend Brett Lund on board 1. Matt went for him and his position looked extremely promising. However with a draw in hand in a complex position, Matt pushed once too much too hard and Brett showed why he is such a high grade,
However James had held an advantage against toughie Graham Ashcroft on board 4 since the early middle-game and eventually managed to win the exchange. Excellent late middle game technique allowed James' rooks to invade and win the game.
Which left it 2-2 with the league dependent on my game. My pieces were active throughout and a tactical shot allowed the early win of a pawn and a free-flowing game. As usual my opponent Conor Reaney found all the defences but the coordination of my pieces allowed me to slowly pick up a few extra pawns. Still the clocks were running down, and James saying no pressure Bill, all you have to do is win to win the title!. Finally Con fell for a little trap with minutes left which ensured victory and the league title.
Bill O'Rourke