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Below are games donated by members for others to see and maybe learn from


 White  Black Event Date Opening Result Game
John Grindrod Lucas Stubbs  B&R Div B 05Feb20 English 0 - 1 Go To 
Dave Almond Ian Mitchell
B & R  Div B
26-Sep-18 Daves
 0.5-0.5 Go To
Dave Almond Phil Taylor CLL Div B
24-May-18 Smith Morra  1-0 Go To
Tony Jinks
Daniel Otto
Heywood v Chorlton
May 2017
Sicillian  1-0 Go To
Pete Edhouse
Bill Egan
Heywood CC
Jun 2011
English  1-0 Go To
Peter Hurn Unknown Berks Lge Div 3 1994 Stonewall  1-0 Go To