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Weekly Summary (further details in Team news tab)
06 Jul 19
Not a lot going on at the moment just one team in the summer league our first game was postponed till 31 jul 19 when we will play Worsley as a double pointer! We were victorious in the 2nd game winning by 2.5 to 1.5 against Northenden with wins from James Wildsmith and A. Soyoye and a draw from John Addison. Please note that our AGM is this next week on Wednesday 10 Jul 19, please try to attend the more the merrier!!
02 Jun 19
The season is over but we are still active in the Summer we have one team in the Summer chess league captained by John Addison our first match on June 5th. Also Steve Flaherty has announced the Heywood AGM will take place on 10th July at 19.30 please try to attend our club needs you all.
24 May 19
The season final match was a cup final in the CLL the Vaux cup. We were up against a very strong team from Great Lever and the match finished 2.5 each with wins from John Addison and Kyle Pelling with a draw from Dave Almond unfortunately we lost on board count again, so Great Lever won the Vaux Cup.
17 May 19
The season all but finished now this was a warm up for next weeks cup final when Dave plays Great Lever. They came with a very strong team and the match result was a draw, with wins from Steve Flaherty and Dave Almond and a very good draw from Bill O'Rourke on the top board so the final score was 2.5 - 2.5. We have already won the league title and would be nice to get the cup double next week!
10 May 19

With the season ending we only had 1 match this week but it was a cup final in the MCF Division D. The match which was away at Chorlton our 4th team against their 4th team. It was a closely fought affair with the final score being 2.5 each!

On our top board Kyle Pelling got a draw against his opponent. Board 2 featured another of our very promising Juniors Tarini Jayawarna and she beat her opponent easily. On board 3 Mark Southby was just beaten by his opponent in a very tight match. Peter Hurn squandered 3 pawns in the opening on board 4 and after his opponent swapped off all the pieces the end was nigh. On board 5 Derek Marsden had a very good win against stronger opposition. So because the score is equal board count was adopted and because this too was even, the bottom board elimination method was used. This gave the cup to Chorlton!

Heywood 4th team who have already secured the league title were very unlucky considering the opponents strength and us missing our usual captain Tony Jinks.

04 May 19

Our talented Junior Kyle Pelling arrived back from Turkey this week after representing his country against the world’s best juniors and managed to get 4 wins out of 9 games played! The Chess club are very proud of him as he looks forward further trips to Romania and Russia in the next few months!

Back to present day we had 4 matches this week with 3 wins and 1 loss.

Heywood 5th team played away against Chorlton ‘4’ and came away with a 3 to 2 win, thanks to wins from Kyle Pelling, Tarini Jayawarna and Derek Marsden. This leaves our 5th team second to our 4th team both are to be promoted to Div C.

In the CLL Div A our ‘A’ team beat Preston ‘A’ by a score of 3 to 2, wins from James Carrington and Bill O’Rourke with draws from Philip Armstrong and Dave Almond. This result means that our A team have won the CLL Division title! Our B team have already won the CLL div B and still have to play in the knock out final!

In the Bury & Rochdale Div B our ‘C’ team were well beaten by a strong team Blue Club ‘C’ by a score of 0.5 to 3.5 our only draw was from Ian Mitchell.

Also in the MCF league Div B our 2nd team played away at Urmston against their 1st team and managed to come away with a 3 to 2 victory thanks to wins from Kyle Pelling, Ian Mitchell and Peter Hurn. We finished 4th in this league.

26 Apr 19

We were scheduled to play 4 matches this week but the game in the B&R League against Tameside was a walk over as they could not field a team so we won that 4 to 0 making us League Champions.!!

Victory as well for Heywood 4th team in the MCF League ‘D’ our final match v Chorlton 4 ended up a 3.5 to 1.5 giving us the league title, with wins from Tarini Jayawarna, Derek Marsden and Peter Hurn with a draw from Steve Mason.

In the CLL Div A our ‘A’ team beat Rochdale by a score of 3 to 2, wins from Phillip Armstrong, Matthew Searles and default win on bottom board. This puts us in 2nd place in this division and only have to beat Preston in the last match to win the league!

In the ELL our last match at home to a strong Clitheroe ‘A’ team ended up just losing by 1.5 to 3.5, with a win from James Wildsmith and a draw from John T Crompton. This result means we finish in 3rd place not bad for our first season in this league
13 Apr 19
We had 5 matches this week with 4 wins and 1 loss! In the MCF div A our First team beat Altrincham 4.5 to 2.5 with wins from Peter Jowett, Martyn Hamer, Carl Tillotson and James Carrington and a draw from Bill O'Rourke. That puts us in second place same points as  3C's '1'  just behind on game difference! In the MCF 'C' Div our 3rd team beat Northenden 5.5 to 1.5 with wins from Dave Almond, Con Carey, Peter Hurn, Tony Jinks and Ross Greenhalgh and a draw from Kyle Pelling. That result leaves us inmid table position. In MCF Div E our 6th team were well beaten by a strong Chorlton 5th team the final score 5 to 0! We finish bottom of Div E with just 2 draws all season. In the CLL Div A our A team beat Crusaders A by a score of 4 to 1 with wins from Bill O'Rourke, Dave Almond and James Carrington and draws from Matthew Searles and John Addison. We end up mid table in the top League. In the B&R Div B our B team beat Bury by 3  to 1 with wins by Dave Almond, Steve Flaherty and Con Carey. This keeps us top of Div B with only 1 match to play.
05 Apr 19

We have played 4 matches this week with 3 wins and a draw! In the MCF League Div B our 2nd team beat Chorlton 2nd team by 4.5 to 2.5 with wins from James Carrington, John Addison and a default win on the bottom board as well as draws from Steve Hutchinson, Dave Almond and Con Carey. This puts the 2nd team in third position in the league. In MCF div ‘E’ our 6th team drew at home to Bolton ‘5’ score 2.5 each, we had wins from John T Crompton and Mike Woodbridge and a draw from Peter Hurn. In the Bury & Rochdale Div ‘B’ our ‘C’ team beat Bury away by 3 to 1 with wins by John T Crompton and Ross Greenhalgh and draws by Mark Southby and Ian Mitchell. This puts us third in the league with one match to play! In the Central Lanc’s League Div ‘B’ our ‘B’ team won quite easily with only 4 players against Crusaders ‘C’ team the final score being 4 to 1, wins from Dave Almond, James Carrington, Kyle Pelling and Steve Flaherty. This puts our ‘B’ team top of the league 2 points clear with 2 games left.