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This week we had 4 matches, the first was our 4th team away at Bolton and we came out winners by 3 - 2, with wins from Mark Cooper, Peter Hurn and Akin Soyoye. Our 2nd match was away at Bury and we got beat 3 - 1 with 2 draws from Tony Jinks and Peter Hurn. On our club night we had 2 matches, our 2nd Team beat Bury in the MCF league by 5.5 - 1.5, wins from James Wildsmith, Akin Soyoye, Bill O'Rourke and Gareth Ellis with draws from Dave Almond, Steve Flaherty and Con Carey. In the last match our B team beat Great Lever B by 3 - 2, with wins from Peter Hurn and Derek Marsden and draws from Kyle Pelling and Steve Mason.

 We had a busy week 2 away matches on Tuesday and 3 matches at home yesterday. The first match was our 1st team away at Stockport and we got beat 5-2 with a win from Kyle Pelling and draws from Nugith Jayawarna and James Carrington. Our 5th Team was away at Chorlton and lost 5-0 we had a very youthful team but no defaults thanks to the Woodbridge family. On Wednesday our 3rd Team met Denton 1 at home and were narrowly beaten by 3-4, with wins from Kyle Pelling, Lucas Stubbs and draws from Tony Jinks and Steve Mason. In the CLL Div A our A team played Preston A and just lost 2-3 with draws from Bill O'Rourke, James Carrington, Matthew Searles and David Almond. In the ELL Div 2 our B team played Clitheroe B and managed a draw 2.5-2.5 thanks to wins from Derek Marsden and James Wildsmith and a draw from Peter Hurn.
We had just 2 matches this week, the first away at Tameside, our A team beat their A team 3.5 - 0.5 with wins from Bill O'Rourke, John Addison and James Wildsmith and a draw from Steve Flaherty. The second match was Heywood 3 against Blue Club B in the MCF cup, and although heavily out graded on most boards we ended up drawing 3.5 - 3.5 but as it was the cup the dreaded board count lost us the game. Wins from Peter Hurn, Derek Marsden and James Wildsmith and a draw from John Addison was not quite enough but good effort all round.
The first game of the season took place this week with our MCF 3rd team v 4th Team in MCF Div C. The 3rd Team came out on top with a final score of 4.5 to 2.5, with wins from Steve Mason, John Pickersgill and Jason Chapman and draws from Ian Mitchell, Akin Soyoye and Andrew Heys. Most of the regular seeded players were absent so thanks to all those who took part at short notice.
04 Sep 19
On Monday 2nd Sep our summer team beat Northenden away by 3 - 1 with wins from Kyle Pelling, John Addison and Steve Flaherty, this win means we are Div C champions this year so well done to John and all who played for him. Our winter season is due to start soon.
On Thursday, August 28th eight players took part in a themed tournament at the club. One of the summer coaching sessions had consisted of examining several wild positions from the two knights defence, and the tournament gave players the chance to try out these positions in actual play against one another. Winner, with a maximum four wins out of four, was twelve year old Shaked Nussbaum, whilst runner up was sixty nine year old Steve Flaherty, demonstrating that chess truly is a game for life. Many thanks to the players who donated prizes for this enjoyable event.
26 Aug 19 
Not a lot to report apart from our summer league team who played last week. We beat Chorlton 4 by a score of 3 -1 with wins from Dave Almond on top board, John Addison on board 2 and Steve Flaherty on board 3. This win puts us 2 points clear at the top of the league with just Northenden to play.
 08 Aug 19
Our summer league team played last week against a very strong team from Worsley and ended up with a 2 - 2 draw, thanks to wins from John Addison and James Wildsmith. This game was a double pointer due to a earlier cancellation of the match. The 2 points puts Heywood 2 points clear at  the top of SELSL Div C. with 2 games to play.
06 Jul 19
Not a lot going on at the moment just one team in the summer league our first game was postponed till 31 Jul 19 when we will play Worsley as a double pointer! We were victorious in the 2nd game winning by 2.5 to 1.5 against Northenden with wins from James Wildsmith and Akin Soyoye and a draw from John Addison. Please note that our AGM is this next week on Wednesday 10 Jul 19, please try to attend the more the merrier!!