Heywood Chess Club

From left to right; Con Carey, Tony Jinks, Donna Chadwick, George Turner

1st November 2023

League Match and Club Championship Summary

Heywood's MCF League first team were up this week in a home match against Stockport 2.  This was Heywood's first outing in the C Division for the season against a side who had already suffered a heavy defeat at home against Ashton a couple of weeks prior.  The full match card can be found here: 2023/24 League Results, however suffice to say that the Heywood side were too strong for Stockport romping home with a 5-1 win and settling in nicely at 2nd spot in the Division.

Upcoming Matches

The Heywood second side were due to play against Eccles 4th side this coming Thursday in the MCF E division however it has since transpired that Eccles have withdrawn for the tournament which gives Heywood a week off from league matches and a chance to focus on the Club competitions,

Meanwhile in the Club Championship 2 matches were played.

Fresh from a decent outing at Scarborough Tony Jinks took up the white pieces against Paul Curran.  After the game Paul was heard mumbling something about mind control.  It turns out that Paul lost with a simple blunder for the second time running against Tony although of course Tony was solid to the end avoiding any attempt at counterplay.

On the other board Con Carey played white against Mo Roham, During the course of the game it seemed that Mo had taken a strong position with a lead in material and indeed ended up taking the full point.

A good turn out at the club this week, thanks to all that played and thanks to Stockport for providing such sporting opponents.


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