Heywood Chess Club

15th May 2024

League Match and Club Championship Summary

League Matches

Tuesday evening saw Heywood 1st team players venture as far as Great Lever to play out a second round tie (or shall we call it a final given that there were only 4 teams in the competition?) in the Central Lancashire League Vaux Cup.  Great Lever have been playing strongly this season and unfortunately came out on top tonight taking home the silverware along with the precious rating points.  Despite having an overall impressive rating advantage only top board George took a point for Heywood.

On Wednesday night it was Central Lancs League competition again as Heywood A hosted Leyland A for a Division B play off.  Pre-match Heywood sat in top spot with a 2 point advantage over Leyland in second.  By the end of the evening Heywood managed a convincing win and with it the division.

Click here for the match cards

Upcoming Matches

Next Monday will be Heywood's final game of the winter season away to Northenden in the final match in the MCF Division E in which Heywood are currently 3rd but by only a single point and will be facing last spot Northenden.  The other game that night will see first place Swinton and Worsley play second place Bolton 4 and with tie break measures could see Heywood finish in second with a win if Swinton and Worsley take top spot.

Club Competitions

Roy and Donna went up against each other in the club championship this week.  Donna came out on top with the white pieces.

And in other news

Several Heywood players will be representing the Greater Manchester county U1650 team this weekend travelling to Coventry play off against Kent, good luck to all Heywood players involved.


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