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Results and Fixtures

Round 1

White Black Result
Tony Jinks Barry Thompson  1-0 
Derek Marsden Pete Hurn 1-0
Bill O'Rourke David Jinks 1-0
John Addison Nugith Jayawarna 0-1
Pete Logan Steve Flaherty 0-1
Con Carey Pete Edhouse ½-½
 Dave Almond Bye ½-½

(Pete Logan has now withdrawn from the competition, but as he had already played his Round 1 match that result can stand). 

Round 2

White Black Result
Steve Flaherty Derek Marsden   1-0
Nugith Jayawarna Bill O'Rourke  ½-½
BarryThompson Dave Almond  0-1
Pete Hurn Con Carey  1-0
David Jinks John Addison  0-1
Tony Jinks Bye  ½-½

 The dates (club nights) on which these games can be played are:

  • 1st July
  • 8th July
  • 22nd July

(Note that 15th July is not available as that is the date of the AGM).

Pete Edhouse and Con Carey have now withdrawn from the competition.


Round 3

White Black Result
Derek Marsden Tony Jinks  0-1
Barry Thompson David Jinks  0-1 (by default)
Steve Flaherty Dave Almond  ½-½
Nugith Jayawarna Pete Hurn ½-½
Bill O'Rourke John Addison 1-0

 The dates (club nights) on which these games can be played are:

  • 29th July
  • 5th August
  • 12th August
  • 19th August

Table After Round 3

Steve Flaherty
Tony Jinks
Bill O'Rourke
Dave Almond 2
Nugith Jayawarna 2
Pete Hurn
John Addison 1
David Jinks 1
Derek Marsden 1
Barry Thompson 0


Round 4

White Black Result
Steve Flaherty Tony Jinks  ½-½
Pete Hurn John Addision  0-1
Dave Almond Bill O'Rourke  0-1
David Jinks Nugith Jayawarna  0-1
Derek Marsden Bye  ½-½

(Barry Thompson has withdrawn)

The dates (club nights) on which these games can be played are:

  • 26th August
  • 2nd September
  • 9th September
  • 16th September

Note, however, that the B & R League AGM is being held at the club on 2nd September, so if you arrange to play then you will need to be in the other room.

Round 5


White Black Result
John Addison Derek Marsden  1-0
Pete Hurn Dave Almond  0-1
Bill O'Rourke Steve Flaherty  1-0
Nugith Jayawarna Tony Jinks  1-0
David Jinks Bye  ½-½

(Dates to be confirmed).